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Nestle Malaysia Marketing Strategy

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Table of Contents

Introduction 2

Company Background 2

Objective 3

Vision 3

Mission 3

Internal and External Micro Environment 4

Marketing Environment of Nestle 4

Internal Environment 4

Micro Environment 4

Macro Environment 7

Key success Factors 8

SWOT Analysis 9

Strengths 9

Weakness 9

Opportunities 10

Threats 10

Strategic Trust 11

Marketing Mix (7 Ps) for Nestle Malaysia 14

Action Plan 16

Income Statement 17

References 18


In this research work the company chosen by me is Nestle Malaysia. I have tried to cover the brief history of the company, vision, mission and objectives of the company. This brief history and other sub heading under company background is compulsory to be understood and researched well as they form the basis for marketing plan of the company. We have also tried to cover the internal and external micro and macro environments for the company and country for its future growth and further marketing planning strategy. At the end we have proceeded to the 7 Ps of the marketing for Nestle.

Company Background

Today, Nestle is one of the leading Food and Nutrition Company in the world. Nestle has headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland. The business of nestle is supported by its strong network in more than 86 countries with more than 500 factories. Along with that the business also gets the benefit of its international R&D network. The Nestle factories are operating in the different countries of:

1. Asia

2. America

3. Africa

4. Europe

5. Oceania

As the company is in the sector of food and nutrition, it remains sensitive to

Being a company dedicated to food from the beginning, Nestle remains sensitive to culinary and eating habits, and responds to specific nutritional


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