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Nestle Malaysia Business Strategy

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Executive summary

This project is a marketing plan for the launch of a new Maggie instant noodle into the Malaysian Market

Nestle Malaysia has been established since 1912. offering over 400. varieties of products. One of the most popular food products is the Maggie instant noodle, first introduced in 40 years ago. Today Maggie instant noodle holds 60 % of the market share for instant noodle in Malaysia.

However due to health concerns, and the new generation conscious of healthy eating habits there is a need for healthier products in the market. Understanding the needs of the market, Nestle Malaysia had called upon us , the marketing team to develop a new instant noodle which is a healthier meal compared to the current instant noodle.

The marketing team after an extensive market research came up with the idea of a wholesome instant noodle, consisting of noodles made of wheat flour which is healthy, and lots of vegetable. Named the “wholesome Noodle”

The wholesome Maggi noodle will be launched in January 2011 in malaysia. It will be positioned as a healthy fast food. The target customers are those busy, young professional adults who are mainly single.

Nestle will distribute the new noodles through the regular marketing intermediaries and will be available in major hypermarkets and supermarkets like TESCO, Giant etc

The promotional activities will include Newspaper , TV commercials and online advertisements.

Nestle Malaysia projects to sell 1 million packs of the new wholesome Maggi Instant Noodle for the first year of 2011., thereafter 2 million for the second year and 5 million units for the 3rd year


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