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Marketing Strategies

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10. Do marketers have the ability to control our desires or the power to create needs? Is this situation changing as the Internet creates new ways to interact with companies? If so, how?

I believe that marketers do not have the ability to control our desires or the power to create needs. However, I do feel that marketers greatly influence consumer desires and make people feel as if certain products are in fact, a "need". It is a marketer's duty to peak the interests of consumers and make products appealing, therefore creating a sense of need. The Internet is greatly impacting marketers' ability to influence consumer decisions. The Internet makes finding, viewing, and comparing products easy and convenient.

A flog is unethical for several reasons. First of all, the information that the company is providing is falsified. Consumers like to believe that what the company says is true when decided to purchase items. Also, a flog makes consumers question the company's credibility. If a company projects an image of itself falsely, consumers will feel that they cannot rely on the products. Flogs also make it hard for other companies who give true and legitimate portrayals of their products. Consumers will question the credibility of competing companies because they are unsure of the products' and companies' reliability.

Customer Analysis

• Lower class

• Low income customers, urban minority group

• Little disposable income

• Customers cannot afford to be bound to contracts

• Customers expect the same or similar service as those who use larger mobile phone providers such as Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T

• Expect


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