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Couponsensor - Mobile Coupon App

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CouponSensor is money-saving mobile coupon app that empowers consumers to achieve significant discounts at their favorite retailers in fashion, sporting goods, office supplies and local restaurants. It solves the most common complaint from mobile coupon users today: the lack of relevant offers near them. With hundreds of location-based fresh offers each day, app users are much more likely to find compelling offers when they need most while With our application, it can help customers to find a coupon near their physical location, and customers can redeem the offer simply by showing the coupon on the phone or scanning the barcode rather than cut or carry paper coupons with them.

Traditionally, coupons are sent through mailing service in form of flyers or coupon books. Customers have to cut the coupon at home, and carry paper coupons with them to redeem in the shops. According to Frost & Sullivan, a market research firm, paper coupons cost anywhere between €0.1 and €0.5 per mail with average redemption rates of around 1-3 percent. However, Mobile coupons are not only much more efficient in both delivery and cost than paper coupons but also have a higher redemption rate. Coca Cola has completed 6 week mobile coupon campaign in Denmark, and has a redemption rate of 28%, according to MobileMarketing. Furthermore, local merchants can fully customize their coupons using our business platform, and newly created coupons will be available instantaneously for customers, while paper coupon has to go through design and mailing process.

In addition, our apps offer the card membership function, which can generate identical and scannable barcodes in the phone as the physical membership cards. Thus, the consumers do not have to worry if they forget to carry their membership cards while they are shopping.

Mobile coupon is not a new concept, but our team believes that location based mobile coupon still has a lot of potential. Location based mobile can


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