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Mspm1-Gc1025 Management of Information Systems

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Mengxiao Cai
Management of Information Systems

Individual Final Project

 Mar 3, 2019

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Executive Summary

To conduct the deep research of information security in the Internet of Things(IoT) system, the fundamental construction of the IoT system was studied, and the information security technology was analyzed. Firstly, from communication equipment, monitoring devices, to information storage facilities, the further study of each component in the control system was carried out. With outlining the connection among components, the information security risk was discussed from three aspects, the access, the transmission, and the delivery stability. Finally, information security transmission technologies were figured out for the Internet of Things system, encryption, authentication and isolation technology. The result showed that the Internet of Things is excellent for reliably transferring real-time information, remotely monitoring, conveniently interacting, simply assembling. As information security technologies increase data confidentiality, it maximizes the function of the IoT system.


Executive Summary        2

Overview        4

Introduction of the IoT system         4

Fundamental construction of the IoT system        5

Advantages analysis of the IoT system         6

Security analysis of the IoT system        7

Information security technology of the IoT system        9

Conclusions         13

Reference:        14


Networked control system emerges with the development of advanced technology science. It is  a new kind of control system, which integrates control equipment, network technologies, and computer applications. It applies various discipline theories which backbone is information science, builds the mutual intersection, penetration, and integration in the modern science and technology field. Therefore, this excellent type of network control system is paid additional attention. IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization, points out “As a typical Cyber-Physical System, the networked control system greatly promotes many critical industrial automation applications.” This new concept provides researchers with abundant opportunities to bring forth new ideas and help control systems move forward constantly. While the IoT is the application of the Internet, the IoT system is also the derivative of the networked control system. As a result, to be one of the development directions in the following control system generation indeed, the introduction of the IoT provides novel opportunities as well as challenges for the further development of networked control systems. This research paper will illuminate the definition, make clear the fundamental construction and analyze practical advantages around the IoT system, and further explore output technologies to mitigate information security threats in the IoT system.


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