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Swot Analysis

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SWOT Analysis

I genuinely enjoy communicating with people. Some may say that I am a people person but this is something that did not come easy however over the years got better. Knowing my audience, having knowledge about the subject and being able to convey my thoughts are my strengths and when I’m at my best. On a daily bases I deal with all kinds of people from all walks of life. Knowing something about them makes it easy for me to find something we may have in common. I found this not to only be strength for me but for them as well. I guess in some strange way this gives off a feeling of “I got one on you”. Knowledge about anything is always a confident booster and it makes writing a breeze when you posses it when writing about anything. Being about to convey my thoughts and keep them organized is a plus for me. I like to think of myself as an organized person and keeping things in that manner keeps things in the norm for me. Again knowing my audience, having knowledge about the subject and being able to convey my thoughts are my strengths.

Some of the weaknesses I having in writing is the way I transition my thoughts, being afraid of not getting my point across and not getting straight to the point. Often when I’m writing so many thoughts of conveying what I want to say come to mind. This at times causes me to jump from one point to another without a smooth transition. I usually know exactly what I want to write but I find it hard to get my point across and without getting straight to the point. As I look back on some of my writing I notice there were several words that I could have omitted and still achieve the same results.

I am surrounded by a host of outstanding writers at my current job. Each of them has at least 15 years of knowledge in writing regulations, procedures and policies. Whenever I write something that I am sending outside of my organization and want to sound


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