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Archery Club Swot Analysis

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The following SWOT analysis was conducted to collect information regarding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that could be found in and around the archery club “BC Union Wien”.

This analysis should support us in finding innovative way and coming up with creative ideas how to support the sports club by finding investors and a new marketing strategy.


The “BC Union Wien” is the oldest still existing archery club in Austria. It was founded in 1961 by Walter Rekirsch as the 1st Viennese archery club. The fact that it is the oldest club in Austria is their one of their strengths. It makes them trust worthy and reliable.

Another strength is the indoor and outdoor sport facilities. As they provide the possibility for members to train by any weather the club is able to overcome seasonality issues and offer courses and classes all year round.

Further it seems that the archery club has invested time, money and effort in its website. They cover a lot of information about the club itself – the history, their members, the events going on. Also the website provides much help for newcomers which is essential for visitors which are thinking of joining a sports club. It also seems the the management is very open to any questions regarding the club and support people who just want to visit and are not sure yes if they want to join or not. “Schnupperstunden” are offered for free and a contact list is provided for any kind of concern.

“BC Union Wien” seems to be a very social sports club. The club organizes events for the members, for example a “Gansl Essen”. Depending on the season and occasion the invite anybody who wants to join to their event. Costs are arranged differently depending on the event but the important strength is that effort is being made to build a team spirit and encourage fun among the members of the club.  

The archery club in Vienna has a strong focus on handicapped sportsman and women.  The club does not separate the handicapped from the not handicapped but lets them train together and compete.


The first weakness which can be found directly on the website is that the “BC Union Wien” is not totally certain about it origin.  They know when they were founded are not sure if they actually are the oldest archery club in Austria. But what is certain, is that they are the oldest still existing club in the country.

Further, it seems that the club struggles to reach people outside of the archery community. If you are no member of an archery club or friends with a member you will probably not hear any news about them or ever know about any events or tournament. News spreads only among the members and marketing and promotion is hardly existent.


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