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Uni-Serv Swot Analysis

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The profile of Uni-Serv reveals that the company’s average age is thirty-two years old. This creates a creative environment where employees are encouraged to work in teams to establish innovative ideas. In addition, because of the company’s rapid growth throughout recent years, there are many opportunities for employees to take individual responsibility over challenging projects. The Company has also created a trustworthy environment by offering flexible work hours and employee benefits such as health insurance, childcare, educational scholarships, a car-share program and significant discounts on Uni-Serv products and services. Moreover, the Company has been able to offer a highly competitive remuneration package which includes a generous equity compensation program. Due to Blake’s strategic process restructuring within the Company, Uni-Serv has developed sophisticated technology to accommodate high-volume online transactions. Another strength for the company is their ability to create a simple interface in which customers are able to purchase products and services quickly and without any stress. The company also has experienced impressive growth throughout North America and has employed individuals from different cultural backgrounds.


However, because of the wide variety of Uni-Serv subsidiary portfolio, the Company is susceptible to losing focus in their overall goals. The company has also recently went public while seeking to expand abroad at the same time which will present new challenges. Since company’s employees fall under the group referred to as Generation Y or “Generation Me” having grown up with a sense of entitlement and self-worth there is a concern that Uni-Serv might be susceptible to high-turnover.


As a result, Uni-Serv is confident that they have the resources to successfully expand


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