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Swot Analysis

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Submitted by: Group 3

Corpuz, John

Lauchengco, Jude Kyle

Leppago, Knox Cyrus

Ocenar, Devis Charl

Corañes, Zoie

Fernandez, Murriela

Marasigan, Aimee Jov

Marfil, Mitch



Political/Legal Factors

-The orders were too big and the buyers gave a very short delivery time, the firm had to look for subcontractors.

-The World Trade Center in New York and Pentagon suffered from terrorist attack.

-As the company focused on exporting, of course there would be export tax and value added tax.

Economical Factors

-The market for torches was so high.

-Sales peaked during summer when local folks used is to brighten their fiestas.

-The company concentrated on exports since it gave the company bigger profit.

-The company started selling internationally in 1979.

-Under the leadership of Cecilia, the sales grew and the clientele almost doubled.

-The company obtained a bank loan of 11 Million.

-The company only have 5 regular workers whilst most of their workers are only seasonal workers whom they would have agreement to work for them when needed for next season.

-The terrorist attack affected the global economy and the US suffered from recession affected exporters like Philip’s.

Social/Cultural Factors

-Local folks who bought it for their fiestas.

-Businesses like hotels, restaurants, resorts, and other entertainment establishment bought bamboo torches for their business.

Technological Factors

-Customers were returning the goods because the bamboo had decayed on the way to the final destination. Later, he applied varnish to the torches to make them more resistant to scratches.


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