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Customer Services

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Customer service is one of the most important factors that can determine the success or the failure of any business. It concerns meeting the customers needs, solving their problems and answering their inquires. Moreover, it is a main tools by which we can measure the customers satisfaction about the products we offer or sell. In my reports, I’m going to talk about some important issues related to customer service. First, I will try to offer a training manual that explains about behaving with external customers, especially the difficult ones. Then, I’m going to have a poster related to dealing with internal customers.

Next, I will have a table of 5 barriers that may face staff in doing their jobs successfully.

After that, a list of positive and negative ways of improving the employees, performance will be explained.

Finally, I will explain the main features of total quality management.

1- A training manual:

There is no doubt that the external customers are the main goal of any business, so it is so important to look for their needs, desires and satisfaction. This task can’t be carried out and performed well without having a well-trained staff of sales people who are able to find out the following points:

- Making customers feel that they are served in a good way.

- Giving a good image of the business and the offered products.

- Finding out about each customers’ nature.

- Knowing about the customers likes and dislikes.

- Concluding about the purchasing abilities of each customer.

- Trying to solve all problems that may face the customers in buying or ordering a product.

- Finding out the suitable ways of communicating with the customers.

- Taking the customers points of view in to consideration to be looked after next times.

- Giving the customers enough information about the products and the facilities that your business offers.

- Having in mind that not all customers are a like, so you should find out about suitable behaviors and ways of communication that suit them all.

- Dealing with the customers in a way that can attract their attention and trust, meet their needs continue future.

On other hand, you may face a difficult customer who needs special care and ways of dealing to let him satisfy with your business, products and service. For example, your


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