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A Beief Note on Asian Ppg's Srs Project

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A Beief Note on Asian PPG's SRS Project


It has been observed that almost 60% of cars on the road have minor damage which is not repaired as the customer perceives that a professional repair will incur huge cost & have to manage without the Car for few days. With this phenomenon in mind many re finish paint companies have started different forms of QRS in India. Akzo took this opportunity and started promoting the same very aggressively in the market by making it a Package deal of Rs.7.5 Lacs with Equipment, Materials(initial order Quantity of Consumables, etc. Vide Annexture1).Dupont has also promoted the concept but not with such aggression and they were very particular in choosing the Bodyshop. Pan India Akzo has installed around 72 QRS stations including their own and competition, similarly Dupont has implemented it in around 32 Bodyshops and we although don't have any well defined QRS Package managed to start QRS in 18 Bodyshops pan India. Hence being a Market Leader we required to come up with similar package as all Motor manufacturers viz. Honda, Tata Motors, Maruti are asking us to come up with a similar package so we have conceptualized this SRS (Smart Repair Solution Package) where SMART stands as Small & Medium Area Repair Technique. As all companies has HSHP Products & trained man power to sell the concept of QRS but the Company which have better value proposition and innovative marketing will definitely take the lead.

SWOT Analysis of Akzo Noble – a dominant player in QRS

Strength Weakness

1.Pioneered the QRS Package in India 2. Have 72 Bodyshop in its Credit 1.Equipments are not of Good Quality 2. EPCOAT donot have good service in regions outside West


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