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Project Analysis and Control Question and Answers

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1. What are the reasons the author advances the project management to be considered an "accidental profession?" The twelve guidelines are presented in no particular order. Order them by level of importance and explain your reasoning

2. Where would you place yourself in Figure 2?

3. A few of the guidelines are related to the need to understand the reason for the project in the first place. Which guidelines would you place in this category? Why is this so crucial?

4. Why, in lesson 9, is always thinking about" what if" so important?

5. Lesson 12 warns about not planning enough but also about spending too much time planning. How do you draw the line?

1. The authors reasons for advances for project management to be considered "an accidental profession" are that one few formal or systematic programs exist for selecting and training project managers and second, few individuals grow up with the dream of one day becoming a project manager. Basically, the author believes that no one trains or strives to become a project manager. All the people who happen to have that position haven't necessarily gained it by mistake or aren't qualified to do their job, but that no one ever prepares to be a project manager.

After reading the chapter, this is how I belief the 12 guides would be ordered by level of importance with 1 being the most important, and 12 being the least. Although the guidelines have been ranked, I do not believe that any of them should be ignored.

1. Build and maintain a cohesive team

2. Understand who the stakeholders are and what they want

3. Understand what success means

4. Above all, plan, plan plan

5. Enthusiasm and despair are both infectious

6. Remember what you are trying to do

7. Use time carefully

8. Understand the context of project management

9. Accept and use the political nature of organizations

10. One look forward is worth two looks back

11. Lead from the front

12. Recognize project team conflict as progress

My most important guideline I chose was to build and maintain a cohesive team. Without people close to you who you will be working with face to face on a daily basis, which you don't trust, or ever make any progress with will get you nowhere. Next, you must understand who is funding the project and what it is what they want. Success to you could be completely different


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