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Art from Federal Art Project

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The Federal Art Project was created in 1935 to provide work for artists, painters, sculptors, and graphic artists, with different skill levels with the goal of bringing art to the masses. It was formed as part of the Works Progress Administration, creating over 5,000 jobs for out of work artists. Artists were paid $23.50 per week and were given timelines in which to produce artworks. More important than putting out of work artists back to work, was the point of this program bringing art to the general public. At the time the U.S. was still a very rural country, with art only being shown in museums within major cities. The FAP was putting artists to work painting murals for public spaces and individual art works for schools, government buildings and libraries. The population was for the first time exposed to art and it had a lasting effect. Prior to this program very few schools taught art education, through the FAP art was taught in community and art centers.

The lasting effect of the FAP can be seen everywhere. Roosevelt knew that art was something the country desperately needed at the time because art inspires and uplifts. The U.S. experienced a resurgence of ingenuity and inspiration following the great depression in part because of the art being taught to the masses. The art community found a voice in the Federal Government, and art went from just being something for the elite to a necessity for the common good.


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