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Museum of Fine Arts Houston

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Museum of Fine Arts Houston

My museum trip started off at the Caroline Weiss Law building. I showed the front desk my paper and got a little sticker and headed out on my first Museum of Fine Arts, Houston journey. The first pieces of art I wandered upon were the New Guinea tribal masks. I thought they looked like huge monkey faces. I also saw a long wooden alligator that I really liked. Then I headed into the Arts of the Islamic world. I really enjoyed the scribe’s box from Granada, Spain. It looked like some kind of Islamic pirate chest. It was very detailed and medium sized. Late 15th Century made with wood, bone, and metal. The box probably used by a scribe to store writing implements, it conforms to a tradition of wood inlay that can be seen on a variety of Islamic objects and furniture pieces, such as doors and mosque pulpits.

Next I went up the stairs and asked this guard who had been staring at me the whole time which way I should go next. I decided to go left and check out this midget section. I was walking and I got to close to one of the artworks on the ground and got yelled at by one of the guards. He made me angry for embarrassing me in front of all the people so I continued looking at the midget section. I saw a pair of tiny underwear and I decided this section really wasn’t for me so I headed into the Asian world of art.

The first country I visited was Korea. There seemed to be a lot of ceramic pieces that were there. The one that attracted me the most was the Buddha statue. It was made of gilt bronze. I headed to the Arts of India next and immediately my attention was set on the four armed Shiva bronze statue. Known as the destroyer, Shiva was a deity in the Hindu religion. Japan was next. I took a liking to the Japanese Haniwa Warrior. Late 6th century Red clay earthenware, Haniwa means “circle of clay”. I went into Africa section and saw some art from Ghana. I saw the Akan gold crown. It was beautiful made with gold, and had stars and crosses along with other symbols around the top of it. I could picture a real Ghana king wearing it. Also the Ghana section had some nice cotton rugs. Since I went to Iraq during my army tenure, seeing other countries rugs kind of interested me. I saw the Mexico Virgin Mary of the immaculate reception. It looked like some of the crosses I have seen people wear. It was made of polychrome wood, and glass. It was pretty extravagant. I then went to look at the space and time section. I saw some really colorful and optical illusion paintings. I continued my visit by heading down stairs the underground tunnel

My favorite part of the museum was the Wilson underground tunnel. I walked down the stairs after viewing all the other country’s artwork anxious to see some American pieces. I asked a guard where the tunnel was and she pointed me in the direction. I saw this neon blue looking light and a long tunnel. On each side, I saw more light


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