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Lead Architect for Finger Lakes Museum Project Announced

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Lead Architect for Finger Lakes Museum Project Announced

Keuka Park New York- February 15, 2011- board of trustees has announced their new lead architects today for the Finger Lakes Cultural and Natural History Museum. Bohlin Cywinski Jackson of Wilkes-Barre, PA has been selected out of 35 contenders. They will be partnered with Ithaca based architects Trowbridge and Wolf as well as Boston exhibit and aquarium designer Christopher Chadbourne. Their ideas for the museum design will soon be under construction.

"Selecting the team from literally dozens of qualified firms was no easy task. Members of our facilities committee spent many hours reading, evaluating, and comparing each proposal. The firm is nationally recognized in the field of museum of habitat design and construction, and we're very excited to have them aboard," said the President of the committee, John Adamski.

The area selected looks out onto 700 feet of lakefront property, allowing for a spectacular view for visitors as well as ample parking with a lot allowing 350 cars at a time. Guests can observe wildlife within their natural habitats in the hilly terrain, woods, ravines, as well as the lake.

William Loose, Vice President and Principal of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson states "we're just thrilled to have been selected for this extraordinary opportunity. This will be a museum that enlightens, inspires, and educates both present and future generations, leaving a lasting impression in hearts of all visitors. We're looking forward to working with everyone involved to create a place that will treasure the natural beauty and history of the Finger Lakes region."

The plan is to create a world class educational institution that will showcase the cultural heritage and ecological evolution of the 9,000 square miles Finger Lakes Region. Exhibits will include, but not limited to, Native American culture and histories of agriculture,


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