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Project Plan for Museums

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Project Plan        3

A.        General Information        3

B.        POINTS OF CONTACT        3

C. Project Plan Summary        3

1. Problem        3

2. Assumptions        4

3. Project Description        4

4. Project Scope        5

5. Performance Plan Summary        5

6. Critical Milestone Summary        6

7. Budget Planning Summary        7

8.1 Risk        7

8.2 Likelihood        7

8.3 Impact        8

8.4 Top Ten Risk(s)        8

8.        Duration and indicative action plan for implementing the action        10

9.        Museum Amateurs Work Breakdown Structure Outline        11

10.        Museum Amateurs Work Breakdown Structure        12

Project Plan

  1. General Information

Project Title:

Multinational Practrising For Museum Amateurs

Project Working Title:

Museum Amateurs

Prepared by:

Hüseyin COŞAR

Date /

Control Number:



 List the principal individuals who may be contacted for information regarding the project.





Project Sponsor



Program Manager

Davut Erdem

Project Manager

Emre Sağ

Procurement Contact

Selim Zorlu

Project Team Member

Ali Erdem

Project Team Member

Eymen Usta


British Museum


Vienna National Museum

C. Project Plan Summary

1. Problem

As the number of the museum amateurs want to increase their knowledge and abilities they have limited opportunities  in their country. This results most of applications destroy a cultural heritage which is the most precious asset left by a nation to future generations..

2. Assumptions

  • Including museums to this process in the establishment of the intercultural dialogue between Turkey and Europe, increasing the knowledge and abilities of The Ankara Museum of Foundational Works and partner museum employees abroad by seeing different techniques and application, increasing the cooperation between the museums, realization of the bigger scale projects including in the future to this partnership new partner and including / putting the Foundation museums on the international platform.
  • 3 different training programmes will be organized as the main activity within the scope of this project respectively the first one at The Turkish Museum of Foundational Works, the second one at British Museum and the last one at Vienna National Museum. Within the content of this training programme the museum professionals will explain the technical knowledge and applications on the training topics in museum such collection creation, restoration, conservation, storing and delivery, exhibiting and informing and furthermore beside to these trainings within the frame of this programme auxiliary activities such travel, concert, symposium and cultural activites regarding to the familiarizing with Turkish culture and other culture will be carried out. Miscellaneous exhibitions will be organized beside the training programme activity and a web site will be made to enable the further continuation of the effects of this project

3. Project Description

This project aims to increase the knowledge and awareness of museum amateurs. As it is well known cultural heritage is the body of assets that a nation posses and to be protected with care in order to be passed on to the next generations in a healthy way. Museums are the institutions which serve for the purposes of continuing this cultural heritage, relating the past, the present and the future in a meaningful way, learning about and understanding the own and different cultures with a versatile and tolerant approach, establishing understanding and empathy among cultures, understanding, protecting and cherish the cultural property and relics, and understanding oneself and other people. The museums also have to take the initiative in providing intercultural communication like other institutions (Non Governmental Organizations, universities, public and private sector institutions, etc.) which participate in providing intercultural communication which is carried out during the EU pre-accession period. Because, the museums carry out their activities in the most effective and appropriate field to improve this dialogue. They can make big contributions in improving the dialogue climate by reflecting and introducing the history and the life style of the nations with the artefacts they exhibit. This Project has been prepared by taking into consideration the fact that importance of the museums in providing this dialogue and the necessity that they take place in this process and The Turkish Museum of Foundational Works will be included in this intercultural dialogue process with the planned activities.


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