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Welcome to Project Planning, Scheduling, and Control Course!

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Welcome to Project Planning, Scheduling, and Control course!  

 To begin, I would like for you to describe yourself to me and to the rest of the class. Go to the Discussions section of the course, click on the Introductions Discussion, and introduce yourself to the class as indicated. How long have you been at Wentworth? What is your major?  What are your interests? If you work, what do you do? If you are not presently working, how do you spend your time?   I have described myself in the Instructor Contact Information on our course home page.

In the Syllabus you will find each week’s assignments.  In the Discussions section of the course, for each week there will be a weekly "Discussion" question that requires each of you to respond with a minimum of 3 substantive comments per discussion (see the Syllabus for more details).  I will post these questions in the Discussions section each week. This is considered your "classroom participation" as if you were in an actual classroom setting.  There may also be a weekly Articles Discussion where you can post your article and summary related to that week’s reading assignment.  You will also need to comment on 2 other student’s articles each week.


How to Begin and Succeed in Our Course:


There are several things that you can do that will help make your Internet course work successful:


1. Acquire the textbook for the course (see Syllabus).


2. Read the Syllabus and ask questions if you don’t understand the course contents.


3. Set a specific schedule for yourself, and stick to it with conviction. Just as in a regular class, if you "cut class", you'll be behind before you know it.


4. Divide your study up into sections. It works better in any kind of learning. Don't try to do all the assignments due on a particular day, all at one time.


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