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Heublein: Project Management and Control System

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1. Which of the project planning aids described in the chapter was used in the case?

Project planning aids used in Heublein’s PM&C program were a hierarchical numbering system for the work breakdown structure (WBS), and an accountability matrix. They started with designing the phases of the program, then used a hierarchical planning system, known as Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). The accountability matrix was used to assign each activity to every person with different responsibility. Basic loop of feedback for control was used to simplify the concept of the process. The program group also used Gantt convention to track task and setup milestones.

2. How did their Project Plan differ from the Project Character described in the chapter?

3. How did their WBS differ from that described in the chapter? How did their accountability matrix differ?

For WBS, the original WBS was constructed as a tabulate format. All the items were defined prior to initiating the program. Since the functional department involved at the beginning of the program, there was no change of score problem. The company had very broad function groups so that the WBS took some concerns from each of them. It was hoped that the WBS can be modified for the similar programs. The accountability matrix was constructed to identify whose accountabilities were for different activity. On the other words, the accountability matrix was originally used to show a clear view of who is doing what. The company had several functional groups involved in the program and required different levels of respond. The director facilities and manufacturing planning, consultant, program manager of PM&C, and managers of different engineering group took the accountabilities of initiate/Responsibility (I), Approve (A), and Provide input (P). Through the matrix, they clearly account for certain activity.


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