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Motorola Asic Management Control System

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Management Control System (MGT 6253)

What are the key success factors for Motorola’s ASIC Division?

Motorola’s ASIC Division had achieved success in competing with the new and dynamic market because they have the ability to adapt changes in the industry and provide new products and this division also has strong and well organized functional lines. Each functional lines have their own specialization and responsibilities. It can be said that this ASIC Division focused more on its customers rather than the product itself. For example, they made a feasibility study if the customers want additional manufacturing process that required a capital expenditure, the involvement by the customer in the middle of the development cycle in semicustom gate arrays market, and their concerns on shortening the product delivery time to their regular computer manufacturers such as Unisys, Cray, Apple Computer, Prime Computer and DEC.

Through Quality Assurance Department, ASIC division able to cut down manufacturing costs by setting standard quality at any stage in production. If the produced product was below the standard quality or rejected, the whole line stopped until the production floor and QA found the causes. Product planning department ensures the smoothness and scheduled orders from the customer are done with the given date. If there is any complaints on the technical aspects of the product, customers can deal directly with the product engineering department. Since the company is using the engineer to deal directly with the customer, the answer should be precise and accurate, and the problem was expected to be settled immediately.

Does a traditional standard cost system address these key success factors?

Traditional standard cost system does not address these key success factors because ASIC needs a product oriented accounting


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