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Management Cycle: Planning and Control

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Management cycle: Planning and control

Management process is a process of planning and controlling the performance or execution of any type of activity. The management process is simple but yet very effective tool to actually realize the objectives of the company.

• It clearly states that there are certain steps that the company needs to follow to get any process in place

• It also clearly indicates that if the desired results are not achieved then apart from changing the plan the company might have to look into changing the objectives as well

• Monitoring should also be done sensibly and correctly as that might lead to establishing another set of objectives when the earlier objectives were alright

Experience at Maruti Suzuki India Limited:

The Management process is such an effective tool that you will find its application in virtually any aspect of business. This can be directly correlated to the process of target setting that used to exist at Maruti Suzuki India Limited prior to year 2008 when the firm was widely known as Maruti Udyog Limited.

The scenario that existed prior to year 2008:

• The objective of Maruti Udyog was very clear right from the start, which was to be a dominant player in terms of Market share. Focus of the company has always been to keep market share above 50%

• Based on the calculation of the market share the target setting was done which used to be a decision governed by the top management. This was a part of formulating the plan.

• The targets were sent to the 16 Regional offices and it was expected of the Regional Office to achieve the targets without any questions. This became implementation plan.

Many of the Regional Offices were not able to achieve their monthly target, which happened quite frequently. No one from top management came to ask the question of why the targets were not achieved. The team which was not able to achieve the target was considered incapable without even understanding the main root cause for the problem (ex: market situation, government regulations, tax structures etc.)



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