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Steakhouse Project Plan

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Project Plan


The business in which we intend to franchise as a part of this assignment is Smithfield steakhouse; it is a newly opened fifty seated restaurant, established by a partnership of four individuals who have an interest and a number of years’ experience in the restaurant business. It is highly focused and promises to follow a path of prosperity for its owners, managers and staff. The Smithfield steakhouse restaurant is a comfortable and inviting restaurant designed to make the customers feel at home and welcome. The restaurant aims to reach a break-even point within 12 months of opening and to expand from a 100 to a 150 seated restaurant within 24 months of opening.


The main objective of this project is to expand a current restaurant into a franchise within the Smithfield area. We plan to complete the project within the time frame of twelve weeks. It must be successful as well as profitable as the project should not go over the intended budget. The managerial approach we intend to use is a human behavioural approach; this helps us to focus on personality dynamics within our project. There are five main milestones within our project, they are as follows; Completed vacant store identification, Completed fit out planning, Completed fit out execution, Completed stocking, Completed staffing.

In order to keep track of work progress to ensure that the project is finished within the allocated time there must be weekly project reviews handed up to top management who will deliberate upon them and take action if needed.


The general goals of our project include profitability by using a budget of €XXXXX and reaching breakeven point within the first twelve months of opening. We also plan to gain competitive advantage over our competitors by opening our franchise with the most up to date technology available such as touch screen order system, electronic tills and social networking sites where we can keep customers up to date with special offers. We plan to install functions for a take away service in order to beat the lunch time rush with employees from the surrounding areas; this will also help us gain competitive advantage.

General approach

The general approach we took to set up our project was basically set into three sections, our managerial approach. Our technical approach and the relationship between the project and the technologies we have available to us. First the material approach we taking is simple. We are taking a human behaviourally approach, we intend to focus on people management. In order for our restaurant opening to be successful


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