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Supply Chain Strategy and Project Plan

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Supply Chain Strategy and Project Plan


  • Summarize your sourcing plan and your rationale to include international suppliers.


Sourcing refers to the source of supply, the process of buying supply from suppliers to facilitate your business process. Sourcing also describe as a recruitment process that involve suppliers compete for a contract for a business or an organization to purchase supply solely from them or it could be an open contract which allow the company to purchase freely from other suppliers as well.

The procurement process would have the products list that is require by the business. The company would analyze the situation by determine what the purchase requisitions should contain as far as description of material required, quantity and date the company  would need such material, the estimate cost per unit, operating account that would be responsible for payment, date the tracking would start and authorized signature needed to validate the contract.

The next step would be to select suppliers domestically which manufacture the product needed. Then the company would also establish if they need any of these suppliers to sing a Do Not Disclose form of contract to product their product data. Then the company would assign someone within the higher level of management or purchasing department to do a supplier evaluation assessment criteria for each company to decide if their equipment and facilities are up-to-date, working conditions, if the company can keep up with their demands, their management capabilities, leadership skills, long range vision. They would also look at the technology each of the suppliers to make sure they are up to date, delivery method that they provide, unit price, quality of their product and then the final steps would be for the assessment team or person to compare these suppliers base on quality factor, price, service to see which one would be a perfect match of the company sourcing option.


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