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Global Supply Chain Management Project - Healthy Living Pte. Ltd

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CT050-3-3 Project Management [pic 1]

In-course Assignment

Company        :        Healthy Living Pte. Ltd. (HL)

Project        :        Global Supply Chain Management Project (GSCMP)

  1. Assignment Learning Outcomes


  1. Decide the aims and objectives, deliverables and scope of a typical IT project within the wider context of IT management, create appropriate standards and procedures and communicate the outline of the project effectively to a variety of stakeholders, discuss and critically evaluate the process.

  1. Organize a typical IT project and decompose it into manageable components, systematically estimating the resource requirements and allocating tasks with due regard to risk and the available human and technical factors, discuss and critically evaluate the process.

  1. Analyze, plan and manage a typical IT project using an appropriate variety of scheduling, monitoring and controlling tools and techniques, and communicate the plan effectively to a technical and non-technical audience, discuss and critically evaluate the process.
  1. Understand, discriminate between and apply some techniques of team building and management, risk assessment and management and change and configuration management such as are likely to improve the success of a typical IT project, discuss and critically evaluate the process.
  1. The Scenario (A Case Study)

Healthy Living Pte. Ltd. (HL) is one of the leading nutrition, health and wellness multinational companies, based in Singapore with its global IT shared services known as Global IT Services (GITS) located in Malaysia has embarked on a new project to its enhance supply chain operations. The first wave will be concentrated to South East Asia and the implementation will be deployed by markets.  

At present, markets located throughout South East Asia are using locally developed application to record supply chain management activities information. The first-level support (L1) is being rendered by local IT and second level (L2) is supported by the local application vendor. Previously the cost for software support maintenance was managed locally within each market which has resulted high in IT cost for both capital and operating expenses. Unfortunately every market provides similar support framework which has created duplication among markets within the South East Asia Region due to decentralisation of systems being used. Thus by implementing this project, significant contribution such as reduction in capital/operating expenses, centralized support from GITS, global governance and many more value added are gained. Please refer to section VII, Table 1 for the list of departments directly and indirectly involves in this project.


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