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Research on Integrated Green Supply Chain Management

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Research on Integrated Green Supply Chain Management


College of Mechanical Engineering Chongqing University Chongqing 400030 China E-mail cqudenglei@163. com

Abstract: On the basis of the analyzing product life cycle and value chain management in green supply chain, integrated green supply chain is put forward and constructed which involve lean production, agile manufacturing and green supply chain .This integrated structure provides an effective method for resolving some questions such as cost, market, environment, etc. in enterprise. A case study is presented at the end of paper to demonstrate how integrated supply chain implemented successfully in enterprise。

Keywords: green supply chain; lean production; agile manufacturing, leagile supply chain; integration

I Introduction

With the rapid development of economy and technology, companies are in the race for improving their competitiveness in order to compete in the 21st century global market . Nowadays,it is hardly responsive to meet the changing market requirements only by depending on the single enterprise resource, the former production mode and manner of configuring resource must be definitely changed, therefore, supply chain management (SCM) is coming in trying to achieve competitive advantage. A supply chain is a kind of systemic pattern, which can be described as a relationships network among partners such as suppliers and customers including supply manufacture distribution stock and transportation etc. But this traditional system mainly emphasize its core enterprise, which can't adapt to new competition when new requirements of mass customization, quick response, environment circular economy are put forward, especially circular economy and sustainable development which require all kinds of economic movement form a full circulation from nature resource to production then to regeneration resource so that material and energy can be used with most reasonable . Based on this environment – friendly behavior, green supply chain system is formed in a close circular net on the basis of traditional forward supply chain together with reverse feedback. But the questions of manufacture such as reducing cost, quick response,are not definitely solved if only one aspect of supply chain such as consistent environment is studied. On the bedrock of green supply chain, a new integrated supply chain is put forward in this paper which integrates green supply chain, lean production and agile manufacturing into a system to implement the efficient production lifecycle management with flexibility, quick response and good environment performance.

2 Element Analysis of Integrated Green Supply Chain


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