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Project Planning Human Capital Paler

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Project Planning Human Capital Paper

Betty Hargrove

Carla Bradshaw


March 17, 2014

Priyotosh Barman

Project Planning Human Capital Paper

Project Manager

One of the duties of the Project Manager is to communicate with both the management and the customers. It is very important that communication happens effectively and is quite important to reach the goals of the project. The Project Manager is responsible for providing communication tools. This communication will most likely be in the form of a performance evaluation. In most businesses, performance evaluations are given to employees once or twice a year. The performance evaluations are meant to let the employee know at what level they are performing in various areas of their job. The evaluation may include categories such as dependability, skills related to your specific position, how well you work as team member etc. These categories are then rated from excellent being the highest rating, commendable, satisfactory, needs improvement, and unacceptable being the lowest rating. In the instance of All Seasons Event Planners, we will be communicating consistently and often with the bride and groom, who are our customers. Because we are a small business, we do not have a set management structure with which to communicate, but we will meet as a team to evaluate our Statement of Work that was originally submitted to identify successes and failures.

Team Selection

For the purpose of this assignment, the wedding planners would be the project managers. When we seek to communicate with ‘management’, we will hold a meeting with the firm where we present both qualitative and quantitative information on the results of the planning and execution of the wedding festivities. The clearest way to present our information is through the use of a PowerPoint presentation, and a print out of our Statement of Work from the onset of the project planning experience. The meeting would allow the wedding planning team to reevaluate the Statement of Work, and the goals that were set in the document. This would be a time to decide if there were unrealistic restraints placed on the Statement of Work as it relates to time limits, deadlines, and budget constraints. The planners could also use the PowerPoint presentation to showcase photographs and/or videos from the wedding festivities, as well as snippets of comments that they received from the bride, groom and guests. At this meeting, the planners should


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