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Build a Data Center Project Plan

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Data Centre

Term Project Report

BUSN – 3600 Project Management

Babita Babita(300288700)

Mary Okorie(300284038)

Anmol Sohi(300289161)

Sergio Gonzalez()

  1. Scope Management Plan

Project Title: Project Data Center

Date:April 6th, 2018

Prepared by: Mary Okorie, Project Manager,

Project Justification: Company X currently utilizes a customer relationship

management software to store their customer data and interactions with the organization.

They also use an inventory management software to keep track of available items,

customer orders, sales and deliveries. Company X is looking to expand their business

operations and this expansion would require them to incorporate a broader method of

storage due to the potential increase in the number of customers, manufacturing of new

products and number of employees.

Building and incorporating a data center into Company X’s operations would ensure

more effective and efficient storage of crucial company data. After a company builds

their own data center, businesses benefit from having total control over their data,

security needs, operations and environment, often creating a sense of security.

Organizations will have complete control of access to the entire premise, space, power

and temperature. After building a data center, they also have the ability to leverage the

existing space to build additional cabinets.

Product Characteristics and Requirements:

1. The servers in the data center will be able to store all of Company X’s existing

and new data.

2. The server room will have additional space to incorporate more server racks

for further potential expansion by Company X.

3. The data center will have an effective cooling system that will prevent the

servers from overheating.

4. There will be a fire protection system to mitigate any potential fire damage in

order to prevent loss of data.

5. A small office space will be included in the data center with computer systems

for easy on-site access.

6. There will be a backup power generator to ensure the servers and the cooling

system are always running.

Product User Acceptance Criteria: the project will be considered successful if it meets

the following criteria;

1. The data is completed within the duration of time (3 months) and the budget

($315,000) provided by the client.

2. The maximum results are achieved with minimal resources during the

development of the project

3. The servers in the data center are able to store all of Company X’s data.

4. There is enough space for Company X to add more server racks for future


Summary of Project Deliverables

Project management-related deliverables: business case, project charter, team contract,

scope statement, WBS, schedule, cost baseline, status reports, final project presentation,

final project report, lessons-learned report, and any other documents required to manage

the project.

Product-related deliverables: research reports, design documents, software code,

hardware, etc.

1. Building for construction of the data center.

2. Acquired government licenses and permits.

3. Procured equipment such as servers, PCs, cables, server racks, backup power

generator, etc.

4. Design of data center and office room layout.

5. Completed data center.

Change Management Process

The following steps will be implementation if the client decides to provide with

additional requirements for the data center during the course of its development:

1. Have a brainstorming session among team members to determine the course of

action to take regarding the new set of requirements.

2. Come up with a list of solutions to the new requirements and present them to the


3. Get client to sign off on proposed solution.

4. Integrate solution for the new requirements into the system and document all

changes made.


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