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It Project Implementation Failures

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I.T Project Implementation Failures

Rachel Rodarte

University of Phoenix

August 2, 2010

IT Project Implementation Failures

Budget overrun is a good example of what Dryer and Roberts did to the company, when both walked out. This means that the company has to assigned more people to the project. Spend more money on software, which was not included at the beginning of the project, and extending the duration of the project. This not only will affect the budget but also the schedule on when the system was going to go live.

Failure to anticipate short-term disruptions is any major change will lead to short-term problems and disruptions in operations. Even though current processes can be made better, they are working and staff knows how to make them work. When processes are changed, there is a shakeout period as staff adjusts and learns how to make the new processes work well. All one can do is prepare the staff for all the up and downs that will come with the project [sic](Wager, Lee, and Glaser & Burns 2009).

Organizational Inertia happens when employees are stressed out because their organization is getting ready to buy a new system. The employees first thoughts are that each will be replaced by a computer. When this happens employees will find a ways of not getting involved and no one will volunteer to join the committee. This could slow down the process of installing a new system.

In a situation like this I would have a staff meeting, letting everyone know that no one will be replaced or lose his or her jobs and I would need the help of those willing to learn a new system. Not only will these benefit the company but also employee. Strategy failure happens when the leaders of the organization decide to take on the project and at the same time do not want to participate. For example:

Leaders may not devote sufficient time to the project or may decide to send subordinates to meetings. This broadcasts a signal to the organization that the leaders have other, "more important"


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