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Project - Skill Management Program

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Project - Skills Management Program

Skill Management refers to the ongoing commitment to ensure that your skills and ability to do the project activities are always relevant and up to date

To ensure that the project will continue to have the right mix and quantity of skills, Project Leaders' (PL)should establish formal procedures for the management of skills in the project. These procedures should cover all the project and management, and may include:

Skill Identification and Assessment : Regular identification and review of skills requirements and internal

skills availability through skills assessments and skills audits.

Develop Skill Matrix : The development of a skills matrix, where people are matched to the skills they possess, having been through the skills assessment process; the matrix can then be updated to reflect the results of each periodic skills audit

Establish Development Objectives : Here we identify what skills the employee needs to develop and establish the priority.

Identify Developmental Activities & Monitoring Strategies – Identification of how the skills/objectives will be developed; what activities or experiences are needed. Must take into account the employee's learning style, cost, as well as what activities will maximize the learning experience. This might include things like coaching, cross training, etc. There must be a way to monitor each objective

Docuemntation – The formal document for the outcomes which were just discussed.

Implement Plan – There will be a mentor for each team memeber selected for the skill development.The team member must make sure that any issues along the way are communicated. The mentor must make sure that TMs are available


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