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Interactive Learning Project- Operations Management

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Running Head: Interactive Learning Project- Operations management






Table of Contents

1. Introduction of operations Management 4

2. Company Background 5

3. Operation Strategy 7

4. Operation Management drive ways for company's Sustainability 15

5. Integrating Operation Management Practices to suit organization culture 18

6. Global Competitiveness and Strategic Framework 18

7. Conclusion 20


Operation management strategies have enabled companies to not only optimize their operations through effective and efficient business processes but also have helped then to gain competitive advantage. It is very much apparent from Huawei operation management strategies that to get pinnacle of success company's need not necessarily spend years in industry, a smart business process can get optimum out of it.

Global competitive structures of the market place have placed greater emphasis on firms to strengthen their operation strategies and management process focused on customer orientation and continuous quality improvements. Aligning the supply chain process and competitive strategies is critical to the success of Huawei operation management and its effective functioning. However its importance can be observed throughout the process from suppliers, producers/manufacturers, distributors and customers it still remains a challenge for organization. Huawei is maintaining a global business with its supply chain process geographically disbursed. It has built the operation strategic framework on customer oriented methodologies that aim to satisfy customer needs and requirements in the quickest possible time with the most cost-effective techniques.

When the company is operating in the international business arena, it has to build a strong correlation between the organization cultural values and the cultural norms and customer requirements of that location (Rosenzweig, 1991). In doing so Huawei has inbuilt the organization culture of integrated operation management, that connects disperse operating


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