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Kazakh Art - Mega Wheel

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Mega Wheel is 45 meter observation wheel with restaurant on the top ob bearing pad. A wheel diameter of 42 meters with 24 fully air conditioned cabins providing an impressive view over the Almaty city. Restaurant area will be leased. The area of the restaurant is 200 squire meters.

The quality of construction the wheel meets all world standards of attraction. According to manufacturing plant we site, they have following certifications:

• European-quality production is confirmed with certificates issued by TUV NORD Germany.

• Amusement rides are designed with allowance for the European safety requirements and experimental data on human-supportable G-loads, which are based on the biomechanics research.

• Structures and mechanisms are calculated and designed according to ISO 2394, ASTM F1159, DIN 4112, GOST 29166, and other standards.

Designing is performed by highly qualified specialists on state-of-the-art computers and AUTOCAD is applied.

• Strength analyses are made by the latest versions of the software package MSC•NАSTRAN for Windows, developed byMacNeal - Schwendler GmbH. This software package was used in the USA for designing the «Shuttle» system.

• Welding production is certified by the German RW TUV company for compliance with the requirements of European standards EN729, DIN 18800-7, DIN 4113, and by the British Lloyd's Register company for compliance with the requirements of the US standard ANSI/AWS D1.1-92 and EN 25817: 1992. Electrical equipment is developed by means of PCAD 7.0. per the standards IEC 439 (EN 60439). The electric equipment control system can be assembled of «Siemens» and «General Electric» components.

• Operating and maintenance instructions are elaborated in accordance wi the US standard ASTM F 24.


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