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Technology and Communication

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Technology and Communication

The life's aspects of every single person and the system of criminal justice. There is tons of ways technology has been involved in the criminal justice system and police stations, that really I do not know where to start. One big invention was the lie detector. It was given to the criminal justice system to figure out the truth of someone suspected of or involved in a crime. Lie detectors have been known to save people from going to jail due to false information or assumptions. Technological advancements enhance the effectiveness of communication. Let's think about emails for a minute. Many think that it takes the place of face to face communication, making the effect lower. If the overall picture is looked at it does seem to make the effectiveness lower all though it does not. Email has come a long way and a lot of people continue to use this method. Since there is advancement of technology it paves away for new and better software.

A new advancement is the facial recognition. Facial recognition in the criminal justice system lets police officers or other law enforcement workers to search a database that shows a picture of a person. They cross reference the picture to figure out if they have a match. Face perception is the process by which the brain and mind understand and interpret the face, particularly the human face. A lot of effort has been involved in the developing software that can detect human faces and knows who's it is. Artificial Intelligence is the branch that has taken care of most of the work. There is a new system that uses input responses known as cortical long-term potentiation. More or less means from the flow of blood velocity that targets face searches from a database system of faces that are computerized.

Another technological advancement is known as AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System). AFIS replaces old outdated manuals instructions of fingerprints. There is the latest that may be able to read his or her palm. AFIS works by using the rolled index finger or thumb to match against a record that displays all ten fingers. There are three databases in the AFIS database - (1) Ten Print, (2) Palm Print, and Unsolved Crime Case Image (finger and palm).

The negative effect of the AFIS system is when a criminal decides to do away with his or her prints. I have heard of people scraping their prints off and pouring acid on them to assure they have been eaten away. If they discard of their prints then the system AFIS can not be used and then in this


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