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Bus 600 - Management Communications with Technology Tools - Crisis Management & Resolution

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Crisis Management and Resolution- Final Assignment

Denise Morgan

BUS 600 Management Communications with Technology Tools

Prof. Paula Zobisch

January 22, 2012


The organizational communication concepts that are particularly interesting to me are crisis

management and resolution. Companies as well as individuals should have a plan and people in

place to handle crisis that occur in their lives and their work places. Crises can occur in one's

work place, institutions, schools, hospitals and even in one's community. Any situation that aggressive intimidate to cause extreme hardship to individuals or their possessions, critically disrupt business, harm character and/or negatively impact share worth.


In the past several years crisis have taken place in large cities and countries, such as New

Orleans, Chicago and Washington D.C. We will never forget what happened on 911, an

unforgettable event. I believe crisis Management and Resolution is a must in this society. The

world has experienced events that we thought would have never occurred but they have. We

need to better prepare ourselves and our community to be able to handle and deal with major



Individuals depict procession between business issues and an actual crisis. "Problems," according to author Lawrence Barton, are commonplace in business. What differentiates disaster from the regular or even unusual management problem is this: a crisis is a major, unpredictable incident that has potentially harmful consequences. We shouldn't arouse public attention and toughing the resources of an organization.


The reason I choose these particular subjects as my topic is because of the variety of ways and

methods one could use to handle a number of issues. One of the best methods to use to handle an



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