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Mis 509 - Management Communication

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MIS 509: Management Communication

Fall 2011


The process of managing a crisis involves developing a coherent strategy, timing messages, accurately

identifying the immediate and long term effects of a crisis, and communicating effectively with a

number of constituencies: the media, employees, clients, customers and other various stakeholders. To

this end, the purpose of a Crisis Communication strategy is to minimize the impact of the crisis on the

company’s ability to continue to function effectively. Crisis challenges demand finesse and the ability to

manage internal and external communication in both a persuasive and informative manner.

The purpose of this assignment is to prepare you and your team to recognize and solve a complex “real

world” communication problem surrounding a crisis situation. Your objective is to develop and execute

a communication strategy that will allow you to (1) achieve your purpose and goals, (2) communicate

critical and relevant information, and (3) identify and demonstrate key strategic initiatives a company

should utilize to manage a business crisis.

Project workflow & point allocation

This assignment will span weeks nine and ten of the class and consist of one team assignment and

two individual assignments. The first deliverable, the Executive Summary, will be completed

individually and submitted to by Tuesday, October 25 at 11:59 PM. The remaining

two deliverables, the team Crisis Presentation and the Role Play, are scheduled for October 27 &



Points Deliverable




Individual Executive Summary

Team Presentation

Management Team Role Play



& Role Play

See Pres. Schedule

Executive Summary


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