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The Ability to Communicate Well Is the Most Important Skill for Managers. to What Extent Do You Agree with This Statement?

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Managers play a significant role in the success of a business. It is their duty to plan, organise, coordinate and control a business entity in order to ensure it accomplishes its goals. In order to carry out these duties managers require the ability to communicate well. Indeed, it has been said that this skill is the most important for managers. This essay will argue that although other skills are necessary, the ability to communicate well is the most important managerial skills. It will focus on the fundamental role communication plays in the three main tasks of management, in team management and in inspiring and motivating staff.

It is argued that other management skills, such as technical skills and problem-solving skills are also helpful for managers to become efficient. For example, all levels of managers need technical competence to understand the business operation as well as to organize employees in order to achieve the goals (Dwyer & Hopwood 2009, p.8). In addition, Horsley et al (2000,pp.6-7) state that it is essential for managers to identify problems and determine solutions to them. Although these skills are necessary for successful managers, they both require good communication to achieve the business's objectives and visions.

In fact, communication is the fundamental element of management roles such as interpersonal, informational and decisional roles. Firstly, managers need to be clear communicators in order to explain the objectives and visions of the business to employees (Horsley et al. 2000, pp.4-5). Moreover, Dwyer and Hopwood (2009, pp.8-9) state that with good communication skills, managers can also motivate their teams to work more effectively which will help not only to increase the productivity but also to achieve the final goals. Another role requiring communication is informational. It includes understanding and listening to employees’ opinions and ideas as well as providing positive feedback which is necessary for managers to make final decisions (Hickey et al. 2005, pp.27-31). Finally, the decisional role of managers also requires efficient communication skills. According to Horsley et al(2000, pp.4-6), once the decision is made by managers, they should communicate its details effectively as well as control the process of implementation


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