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Importance of Communication Skills

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Communication skills influence nearly every aspect of life. Communication affects every element of an organization (Management Communication pg. 1). Communication is the transmitting, receiving, and processing of information. Communication involves the transfer of meaning or information from one person or group to others (Management Communication pg. 1). Communication is a very important part of an organization’s success because it helps the company maintain the day to day internal and external operations. Other contributing factors that lead to success of an organization are motivation and networking. Motivation is a very important communication tool for employees. Motivation increases the productivity level and builds morale. The company I was recently employed at gave the employee yearly bonuses and twice a year the company would have a company outing for the employees and their families as a way of showing their appreciation to us for a job well done throughout the year. That made us not only look forward to going to work but also making sure that we did our jobs to the best of our ability without any one being hurt or no errors. Another contributing factor is networking. Companies or organizations encourage their employees to network in unknown environments. Doing this helps the employees to build potential business clients for their professional advancement or personal gain.

Recruiters focus on finding leads with good communications skills to ensure the success of the business. A person who poses good communication skills will be able to be good representation for the positive growth of the organizations. Recruiters look for people who can acknowledge weaknesses in others and helps them work through it with dignity, recognizing their strengths and helping them reach their potential. My experience from dealing with recruiters is that they test your skills to see how they can match you with a company according to the company’s needs.


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