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Importance of Communication Skills

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This report is dedicated to our parents and our respected teacher Mr. AAMIR SHEIKH, who encouraged me and provided support for my professional development, and to my colleagues for their patience and help in encouraging me. Without their support this report would have never been possible.


        Page No

Dedication                  2

Executive Summary                  4

Acknowledgement                  5

Introduction                  6

     Brief about the Project                 6

     Project Background                 6

     Project Limitation                 6

     Planning Phase                 6

     Implementation                 7

     Brief profile of individuals Interviewed                 7

Analysis & Outcomes                 8

     Survey Methodology                 8

     Explanation of Questions                 8

Conclusion                 27

Survey Experience / Learning through Observation                28

Hurdles during the Project                 28

Respondents and their Profile                 29

Questionnaire                 40

Executive Summary

The way you communicate is the primary determinant of whether the person you are interacting with will listen to you or not and will think about what do you want to say, be indifferent to it, or, vehemently challenge it.

Poor communication is a significant contributor to management problems. A substantial amount of bad feelings, organizational problems, destructive conflict and inefficiency results from a lack of skills in the way that people communicate with each other. Many conflicts occur because of inappropriate and ambiguous communication. While it is clear that blatant accusations, name-calling and personal attacks are confrontation, there are many more subtle ways to ruin a communication. Good communication involves the use of techniques that are designed to prevent destructive conflicts, enhance work place morale, and save considerable time and energy.


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