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The Importance of Verbal Communication and Listening Skills

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1.0 Introduction 

1.1 Purpose  

Basically, this report will discussed more about the meanings, purposes, importance and advantages for the employee in organization in developing their verbal communication and listening skills. This report will also help the readers to understand deeply about the usefulness of the verbal communication and listening skills in making the organization management function become more effective and efficient. 

1.2 Assumptions 

This report assumes that the middle managers of Nippon Architect & Design Limited (NAD) has not yet had sufficient communication skill in order to run the organization and negotiating with the consumer and business partner effective and efficiently. Aside from that, this report also assumes that, there is lack of cooperation and they are less integrated because there is lack of communication skill where the managers and subordinates that often cause misunderstanding between them. 

1.3 Scope/Limitation 

Basically, the main limitations of this report examines and focuses only on two areas of communication which is verbal communication and listening whereas there are still many areas of communication need to be covered in order to get a full understanding towards the importance of communication skills in an organization. In addition to that, other limitations in this report are that only secondary resources were used and there is limitation of times. 

1.4 Plan 

This report will firstly talk about the definition and state the importance of both verbal communication and listening. Then, the theories and finding in this report will be explained using examples and illustrations. Furthermore, those theories and findings will be applied to the Nippon Architect & Design Limited (NAD) company scenario. Right after the discussion, conclusion will be drawn based on the summary of the main points in the discussion proposal. Finally, recommendation for Nippon Architect & Design Limited (NAD) will be presented at the end of the report proposal. 

2.0 Findings and Discussion 

2.1 Verbal Communication – Definition & Explanation 

            2.1.1 Theory / Research Based Concept Discussion 

Verbal communication could be defined as a process of where individuals share information by using an understood spoken words as well as ensuring that the enunciation, stress and tone of voice with which the words are expressed is appropriate (Marot, 2005). Verbal communication is considered as a more natural and direct gesture during a business conversation (Ceban, 2016). Business people often considered verbal communication as a more appropriate way of communicating and delivering information (Echterhoff, 2013).  


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