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Communication Skills

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I really enjoyed our class discussion on communication. Communication skills are such an important part of life because of the basic fundamental need we have to interact with each other in our daily lives. We communicate with each other within our families, at work, and recreation. Communication is the only way humans interact with each other. The better a person's communication skills are, the easier it is for that person to get their ideas, concerns and feelings across to others in a clear and concise manner and the easier it will be for that person to understand what others are trying to tell him/her. Communication is how you survive. Without it there would be no way to tell someone what you need or want so you wouldn't be able to survive. It is important in my life for those reasons specifically but also in the fact that it allows me to hold up conversations with people and to help those around me with their problems and them with mine. Even the simplest form of communication is needed in everyone’s life whether it is a shake of the head or a wave. In my social circle we tend to use more non-verbal communication. It is very important to be able communicate or you wouldn't be able to express your creativity. I believe being able to communicate is one of the biggest parts of making us all unique. Without communication we would all be very lonely and unhappy. Being able to communicate makes it so we can rely and trust others.

Eating together as a family in my household helped my family achieve better communication and build a stronger relationship with each other. Having family dinner is very important because it allows us to communicate with each other about things that are happening in the world and in our life. I was brought up having dinner with my family every night


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