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Bshs 385 - Angry Couple - Interpersonal Communication and Interview Skills

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Angry Couple

Interpersonal Communication and Interview Skills


April 4, 2016

Sharon Dollar

Anie Sklar

     The “Angry Couple” video treatment and goals detect their issue of listening to each other concerns, they also seems to have a difficult time in listen to their therapist Dr. Susan Heitler.  Dr. Heitler has the room set up in a pleasant atmosphere for symmetry and interaction.   Having setting the room in an appropriate manner of interviewing style session this gives the clients a feeling to be comfortable and relaxed in their session.  Dr.  Susan Heitler began her interview of questions to help with her clients by assisting the young couple with a therapeutic process of counseling.

     Frist, Dr. Susan Heitler sit with in eye contact from the young couple and she maintain very good eye contact when she is asking question, and discussing concerns and issues with the outstanding values of communication skills.  When she is maintaining eye contact when Judith is talking and discussing issues and concerns, and by making eye contact this lets Dr. Heitler focus on the client attention, she make sure to not glaze nor stare.  When a therapist maintain eye contact this is a non-verbal communication skills in which she can do within her session, and she can also look on to her clients and find a lot through their non-verbal acts of communication.

     During the session with the couple Dr. Heitler maintain good body posture.  She is sitting within a good interview distance and she is comfortable, but not slouching in any way.  When she is sitting she is sitting up straight and although her chairs swivels she still maintain a good professionals form of good posture with swiveling conversation between the two clients.  Dr. Heitler shows she is focusing on both Richard and Judith by leaning in to each of them when she is talking or when they or discussion concerns.  Dr. Heitler is not folding her arms while she listens to the couple, the couple has her full attention and Dr. Heitler also shows this my nodding her head.  


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