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Interpersonal Communication

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Gender Stereotypes

Donnie Tirey III

Interpersonal Communication

Professor Whitney Iles

October 7, 2018

Blog 1

Advertisement Web address:

This advertisement screams gender stereotype and that is that female mothers are associated with cleaning as it says, “Mother’s Day, get back to the job that really matters.”  In the advertisement it has a mom washing a window with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser while the child watches. The reason I think this screams gender stereotype is because one the person doing the cleaning is a women/mom. They are applying that only women/mothers should clean because it’s their job.

They are also putting a gender stereotype with the advertisement when they associate Mother’s Day with a mother cleaning. They want mothers to get back to the job that really matters and that would be cleaning in their eyes. This advertisement was very bold with what it was trying to say and what they wanted to come across as who should be doing the cleaning and when. They don’t apply that both men and women should share the cleaning role they don’t even apply that children should help. If anything, they state that it’s a mother’s job to clean not matter the day.

Blog 2 


        This advertisement is representing Del Monte Ketchup and what they are applying is that their bottles are so easy to open even a woman can do it. This has gender stereotype written all over it as well and the reason I’m saying this is because they are applying that women can’t open bottles of things because they are not strong enough. The advertisement states the following “You mean a woman can open it…….?”. They are very bold by saying this because a majority of the shoppers at stores are women I’ve seen this first hand when in the store and if I saw something like this it would upset me. An advertisement like this would make me not want to buy the product and go with another brand.

        Companies are getting bolder with advertisements and this would be one of them. They are applying that women would be opening the ketchup for a mean or something along those lines. So really this ad in my opinion has two stereotypes towards female one that they can’t open bottles because they are not strong enough as well as they are preparing a meal for the home. Both of these are applying these jobs apply only to females and men would never have this problem.

Blog 3 



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