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What Is Effective Communication and Interpersonal Communication?

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P1: Explain the role of effective communication & interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context?               Page 3

P1: Explain the role of effective communication & interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context?               

What is Effective Communication and Interpersonal Communication?

Effective Communication is known as a two way process which involves speaking and listening and it is a very crucial part of all relationships, for example health care professionals forming with service users, families and other health professionals (between colleagues). However interpersonal interaction is where individuals exchange information such as the way they are feeing through face to face communication.

Why is Effective Communication and Interpersonal interaction important in a Health and Social care context?

Communication is very important in health and social care sectors because it changes how health professionals see the differences in service users and how the service users are feeling. Another reason why communication is important in a health and social care environment is because health professionals have to create a relationship with their patients so that they can help to meet all the needs of their patient, this way the patient can feel comfortable and open around them. Communication is also important for health care professionals so that they can work out what is wrong with their patient by both working together to find a cure if they are not well. Additionally, if the health care professional was dealing with a patient who had learning difficulties or impairments, they would have to learn how to understand the patient’s preferences such as a blind person who cannot see and would need braille to be able to communicate with the health professional.  However, when communicating with a patient, the health care professional has to look like they are interested and they want to help the patient get better. For example if a social worker was having a therapeutic session with their patient and the social worker was on their phone and looking the opposite way to where the patient was; the patient would feel very uncomfortable and would think that the social worker did not like them and could cause the patient to have low self-esteem. Therefore, it is very important to have effective communication in health and social care interactions in different forms of communication such as….

One to One Communication

This type of communication happens when you don’t know someone very well, it is important to give the right first impression by talking about positive things and then if you need to talk about complicated issues, you can talk about that afterwards. Additionally, the first phrase people usually say when they are greeting each other is “hello, how are you?” so that other people can see that you are a friendly and happy person. For example, if a patient was going to see a doctor because they were not feeling very well and it was a personal reason, the patient would expect the conversation to be confidential between the doctor and them. This would mean that the patient would feel that the doctor has listened to them and understood their specific needs.


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