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Interpersonal Communication Extra Credit

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Huajun (Warren) Zhai

Extra Credit #2

  1. I have more extensive working experience compared to the rest of the class.  As an advocate, I’m proud of my ability to present convincing arguments and make connections with the audience.  As I feel I’m more senior when compared to the rest of the class, I tend to interrupt and exert my views.  I can definitely improve there.  I am also a bit relaxed when it comes to keeping time, which I can greatly improve on.  I also can improve by setting the agenda for the next discussion.
  2. I learned that building consensus is really about building empathy and creating negotiation points.  I am proud of my ability to look at the big picture and build support.  I think the above points that I listed are also points I should improve as a consensus builder.
  3. I am pleasantly surprised that other members of the team such as Arijit, Antonio, and Gaston improved so markedly over the course of the class.  
  4. I think using the decision matrix would have made me more effective in making my arguments at my previous job.
  5. At Tepper, I have already used the skills that I learned at IPC in the two case competitions I am involved in.  From the time when I assemble a team together, to when we discuss and build consensus on how we should approach the case, to presenting the actual case to the judges, every step in the case competitions requires skills that I have learned as part of IPC.  It’s been invaluable, and thanks to your feedback, I was able to win 2nd place in the recent Amazon case competition.  Thank you so much Evelyn.  

    I believe what I learned at IPC will permeate throughout my time here at Tepper.  I’m creating a decision matrix with my wife on how I can best identify the companies and the career paths I should consider post-MBA.  More importantly, I’m also using the same methodology to help her figure out her career and of course, most importantly, when should we have our first kid!  I also will be using the consensus building and advocate as well as the decision matrix techniques that I learned as part of my internship presentation and my professional career going forward.

    Thank you so much Evelyn!


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