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Interview Skills

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Most candidates' win a job just because of good interview. Good candidates are well prepared for Job. In some cases it is also seen that people are prepared for interview but are unable to win a good job in this training course we will clarify interview myths and do some activities and work to know about interview skills. This program helps people to develop the individuals' interview skills and how to handle difficult answers.Interview Tips

 Take your written resume with you. It should include - previous work experience, hobbies, any sports you play, club memberships or voluntary work you have participated in.

 Be on time! If you are going to be late, ring and let them know – you may have to reschedule your interview for another time.

 Ensure you have a high level of hygiene. Avoid odours like cigarette smoke, body odour, strong aftershave, onion or garlic. Avoid chewing gum.

 Be clean. Make sure you have had a shower or bath before you go to the interview. Make sure your hair is neatly brushed.

 Dress appropriately. Ensure your clothes are clean, ironed and appropriate for the workplace. Wear clean shoes, not sandals or thongs.

 Look and sound friendly. Smile at the interviewer and maintain good eye contact. Show enthusiasm.

 Speak clearly and show that you have prepared yourself for the interview.

 Answer all the questions the best way you can – give some actual examples of what you have done.

 Find out some things about the workplace before you go there.


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