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An Interview Survey of Keller Administrative Personnel at the Galleria Campus

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An interview survey of Keller administrative personnel at the Galleria campus confirmed many of the opinions that have been expressed in our classroom studies. The overall consensus in the classroom discussion was that we, as individuals, and within our collective ethnic races, tend to gravitate to various organizations, in an event type setting, love look like us. We are more comfortable with and around the type of people that we, socially, are used to being around.

Three questions were posed to the administrative personnel at the Galleria campus. The questions were:

1.-What do you personally perceive, percentage wise, is the ethnic makeup of Keller students?

2. - Why do you think Keller more a particular race than others?

3. - What can Keller do to attract a more diverse student population?

On average, the perceived racial percentages results of the student population at Keller are for the first question is: 50% African American, 25% Hispanic, 20% Caucasian, and 10% other. When questioned about the high percentage of African American student, which was the second question asked to the staff personnel, the average response was that while Keller is an attractive educational opportunity for all races, African American students turn out in large numbers at Keller recruiting events, and as a result the recruiting efforts mean a higher number of African American students. Word of mouth amongst current students also contributes to the recruiting efforts of Keller.

The response to the third question was somewhat similar. It seems that the racial diversity of the Keller student population is reflective of the interest of students who have chosen to pursue a master’s degree. It was noted that in other parts of the country, the racial percentages of Keller students is more


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