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Merryhall Fashion Show Survey and Analysis

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The following report has been made in relation to the survey conducted at the Merryhall fashion show. The survey included 5 questions about the quality of the shows, future interest, shopping habits and demographic data. Approximately 300 people watched the shows and 120 of them completed the survey. This report includes the analysis and further explanation of the data and suggestions for future improvements.


Quality aspects

In the first question people had to rate several aspects of the fashion shows, the first one was the quality. Almost half of the people (46.7%) said that the shows were very good quality and 29.2% said they were good quality. Only one quarter of them said that the quality was poor (17.5%) or very poor (6.7%).

The second aspect was the variety of the clothes. Once again, more then half of the people (81.6%) said the variety was very good or good, only 15% of them said it was poor and 3.3% very poor.

The third question was about the staging of the shows, to which 35% of the people answered very good, 53.3% said good and only 11.7% rated them as poor. To this questions, no one answered with very poor.

57.5% of the people though that the modeling of the clothes was good, 10% said very good, 32.5% said poor or very poor.

The ease of viewing the shows was rated well by more then half of the viewers, 22.5% said very good, 33.3% said good, 27.5 said poor, and only 16.7 said very poor.

All together, most of the people were satisfied with the quality aspects of the shows since to all the questions at least half of the people answered very good or good, therefore more then half of them left the shows on a positive note.

Future interest

The second question assessed whether people would be interested in similar fashion events in the future. There were four categories: general, women, men and children fashion shows, which had to be rated separately. The answers showed that most of the people are interested in general fashion shows mainly, since that was the only category, where the percentage of people interested in the future was bigger (51%) then those who are not (49%). Just less then half of the people (45%) would be interested in women's fashion shows, while only 28% would like to attend men fashion shows in the future. 39% of the people are interested in children fashion shows.

The answers show that although people enjoyed the fashion shows (as seen in the first question) they wouldn't necessarily be interested in attending them in the future. Those who said yes are mainly interested in general and women fashion show, which shows that these events are more appealing and interesting for women, then for men and children.


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