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My First Interview - Personal Essay

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If all the wishes could turn true in life then we don't require any genie in life!! After graduation all the problems starts to get the career straighten up. You start applying for the jobs in which you looking up to build up your career. The most stress part comes is the interview. All the beginners have the curiosity as well as the nervousness in their mind for the interview session. It's the time where not only your resume will speak for you, but also your nick of time ability to shower your knowledge with confidence and lots of positivist.

I had been in my life through many of these nervous sessions. At my first, trust me no matter how outspoken or confident you are, you just tend to goof up at least a couple of questions asked by the interviewee. After so many failures at my job interview I was very upset, had no hopes, but I gradually learned getting apprehensive about its just like losing the battle at the initial point itself. It so happened then I suddenly got a call from a very famous finance company for an interview. I was thrilled as night before the interview I wished badly that any how no matter what I need that job. I was prepared to give my best for my dream job.

I went there with all positive energy and made up my mind to get kind of my dream job, so I went early before appointed time and was interviewed first as no other candidates were there. I was called in for interview inside. The office looked perfect professional. The lady who was taking me through the manager's cabin was making me aware about the company's history. The interview started as Mr. Gould, Executive Manager, came by. He was a very smart and interesting person indeed. His experience in his field was impeccable. He was kind of impressed with me on first with my presentation. All in all at the end it went out great and got selected too, but job position which


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