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Recruitment Case - Personal Essay

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I am a Recruiting Consultant working in a consultancy which has 20+ years of experience in the industry we are also one of the leading consultancies in the country.

Recruitment is the primary function in all organizations. For that the HR in the organizations in order to procure people, use different sources among which Procurement through consultancies is one. Of course most of the positions in organizations are getting closed because of the consultants. So any recruiting consultant has a major role to play in closing the openings their clients have.

To be there in the competition the consultancies are fixing high targets (most of the times these are unrealistic) and pressurizing the consultants to achieve the same. This happens because most consultancies believe that Recruitment is a number game. In simple terms the consultancies are expecting the consultants to work aggressively to achieve the targets

The consultancies lay their emphasis more on closing the numbers as much as possible and getting as much professional fee as possible but they are not able to realize what they are losing in the long term.

On the positive side the consultancies are making huge money, able to sustain in the market but on the other side they are not able to understand the damage that's happening in the long term by not providing the necessary knowledge and interest in recruitments. This damage is caused because of the high pressure the consultants going through and the depression of not able to achieve the unrealistic targets also results in lessening the motivational levels. The damage is so strong that in long term the consultancy loses on its reputation and also on its potential.

Lack of motivation not only depresses the consultants but also develops a kind of diffidence by bringing down the confidence levels. In order to overcome the pressure and to achieve the targets the consultants in these consultancies


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