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Reflective Personal Essay

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Right now I am working in IT Company as a team leader which is a multi-national company, and they are in Software creating Business. They develop different types of software like portals, websites, mobile applications, etc. In this company, we have many projects in different areas. However, the Problem is, we are working in a group, and currently we have a seven different sort of projects which are big applications and all are running nearly to the deadline. Deadline for all these projects is November 2010. As a team leader, it is my responsibility to manage time and finish all projects before deadlines and make my clients and also manager happy.

Firstly, there are many projects to finish in a short period of time. So, for meeting our deadlines, Time Management tool is the best tool for managing time. There are many tools in Time Management, which can be used to manage my situation like Prioritize, To-DO list, Planning, Eisenhower method and POSEC method. But for solving my problem efficiently, POSEC method is the best one. POSEC stands to Prioritize, Organize, Streamline, Economize, and Contribute. For allocating work and time to a particular person, I have to create the task list, and I have to prioritize each task. To prioritize, I can use Prioritized To-Do List method. According to this method, I have to first assign A-Z letter to each task according to the task importance. As I have many projects, I have many important tasks to finish at the same time. So in this situation, I have to analyze all tasks again and then find out the most important of all. After successfully prioritize each task, I have a list of all tasks with its priority. So that people can start working according to the priority. Second is Organize, This includes everyday tasks. For a successfully finish all projects, I have to organize our entire daily task so that it does not affect the project and also do not cause stress. By doing this, I can reduce time on each daily task, so I have more time to spend on the projects. Third one is Streamline, It includes dirty work, which grabs your precious time. So, to save this time, I have to find out the most streamline task and need consider how I can minimize this time. Fourth one is Economize, There are many activities which you like to do but not urgent. Nevertheless, sometimes these activities are good for changing mood and also for diverting your mind. It is not necessary to stick to some points, instead


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