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Commercial Communication - Tips for Attending Interview

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□ Introduction:

Interview is the last step before getting a job. The word "interview" means a formal face to face meeting, especially one arranged for employment. It is a psychological process because an applicant or candidate has to convince the interview board about his worth by giving satisfactory answers to their questions. A candidate's performance often varies according to his physical and mental condition. To cope up with such situation we have to keep certain tips in mind while facing an interview: 1; External Appearance:

It is said that the first impression is the last impression. That is why it is important to dress well for the interview. Wear a tie if possible, with clean ironed clothes. Ensure that your shoes are polished and you have shaved. Never go for an interview in informal casual clothes. For boys it is advisable to wear formal shirt and trousers and for girls to wear traditional salwaar-kameez or sari. Greet the interviewers with a smile as soon as you enter the interview room. 2. Self Confidence:

When going for a personal interview or meeting, go with a positive mind set and a broad outlook. Do not think about negative things. Sit in an erect position while facing the interview board. Place your hands comfortably on the table or chair. Do not make funny gestures with your hands, as it shows lack of self-confidence. Look straight in the eyes of interviewer when you are answering the questions. Do not look here and there.

3. Practice Before Interview:

Before going for an interview, make a list of sample question-answers that you think will be asked in the interview. Write these down on a piece of paper and read them. Such questions are simple questions like Why do you want this job? What are


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