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Career Management Skills

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Referencing the University of Exeter Business School Interactive Career Management skills Module on the Exeter Learning Environment (ELE) you are required to write reflectively about three aspects of Career Management skills most relevant to your personal employability development.

In recent years, the working environment around the world has been changing rapidly as a result of globalization process and technological innovation. In order to succeed in this competitive and challenging world, everyone needs to keep pace with these changes. Due to the fact that there is more competition at every vacancy in every highly-skilled job, students who are studying at universities need to be aware of the importance of career management skills which play a vital role in their personal employability development. As for me, understanding key management skills help me to identify my strengths and weaknesses as well as knowing which kinds of jobs I am interested in and whether they are suitable for me. It also helps me to identify what employers are looking for and which skills I should develop. From my point of view, three most important aspects which I concern and need to improve for my future career are planning skill, time management skill and team working skill.

Firstly, Planning is the crucial skill and the inevitable step to orient for my future career. Basically, Planning is a process of setting goals and targets (in short-term and long-term) and implementing activities to achieve them. In my opinion, planning for my employability development is the learning process about my personal abilities so that I can choose which goals I would like to aim at. Thanks to this process, I could realize what I am good at, what I am interested in from what I have done and prepared; thus I could decide to choose the right future options which would suit me. For instance, like many other overseas students, after graduated from university in my country, I decided to study at University of Exeter to pursue higher education as a Master degree, as I know this university has a great reputation of finance, business as well as management studies around the world, therefore it is a good chance for me to develop my orientation to become a future manager or a senior at a managerial work. What is more, through this process I am also able to identify and improve which skills are expected by managers in organizations. For example, after graduating from university, I had two years working at Vietnam Chemical Finance Joint Stock Company as a financial consultant. My tasks included dealing with customer daily, analyzing financial statements and I also involving in decision-making process whether to invest on one company or not. Therefore, I was required by managers to enhance my analytical skill, communication skill, decision making, problem solving and flexibility skill as well. This all are transferable


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